Prosanta Chakrabarty, Ph.D.
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What's New:
January 2016 - In Barcelona, Spain for an R Class in Morphometrics
December 2015 - Named one of 21 new TED Fellows
November 2015 - Elected Secretary of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, 5 year term
October 2015 - Invited to MC Homecoming at the Macdonald Campus of McGill University
September 2015 - Teaching Ichthyology all semester
August 2015 - New PhD student A.J. Turner joins lab
July 2015 - New postdoc Dr.Fernando Alda starting in the lab. #JMIH15 (Meeting of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists)
June 2015 - Caleb McMahan defending PhD. Fieldwork on the Amazon and Evolution meetings.
May 2015 - Bill Ludt collecting in Panama.
April 2015 - Fieldwork in Kuwait and Abu Dhabi with Bill Ludt.
February 2015 - TEDxLSU talk!
January 2015 - In India for the month!
November 2014 - Valerie Derouen successfully defends her Master's of Natural Science degree!
September 2014 - New postdoc Dr. Laurie Sorenson joins the lab & Louisiana Fish Book published!
August 2014 - JMIH conference in Chattanooga (4 lab presentations, 2 posters); teaching Evolution 3040 for the semester.
July 2014 - New NSF grant to study Central America and the Greater Antilles!
June 2014 - PC and Bill Ludt collect in Kuwait. Caleb McMahan is off to start a new job at the Field Museum!
May 2014 - Tenured!
April 2014 - PhD students Caleb McMahan and Bill Ludt go to Costa Rica to collect
March 2014 - AMNH curator Dr.John Sparks visits the lab and gives a talk!
February 2014 - LSUMNS OccPap Website it up! Occasional Papers of the Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science
January 2014 - Quoted in the New York Times
November 2013 - Named the new editor for the LSU Museum of Natural Science Occasional Papers.
October 2013 - Positive, unanimous tenure vote from the Biological Sciences faculty. Dean's Circle talk and Ocean Commotion.
September 2013 - Teaching Ichthyology (BIO 4145) and Systematic Discussion Group for the semester
August 2013 - Going up for tenure!
July 2013 - Entire lab presenting talks at the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists
June 2013 - In Japan at the Indo-Pacific Fish Meetings and collecting in Tokyo with Bill Ludt
March 2013 - PC named LSU Rainmaker (Emerging Scholar); Caleb awarded NSF DDIG!
February 2013 - PC and Caleb collecting in Guatemala
January 2013 - PC presents at the Network for Neotropical Biogeography 2 in Miami
December 2012 - PC in London, visit to the British Museum of Natural History
October 2012 - PC and Bill Ludt collecting in Singapore
September 2012 - PLoS One paper on cavefishes out!, PC gives talks in Auburn and University of Southern Mississippi
August 2012 - Caleb wins Stoye Award at ASIH! Wilfredo's last month, Bill Ludt's (new PhD student) first month
July 2012 - PC giving poster at Evolution 2012 in Ottawa and Lightning talk at iEvoBio -also visiting UMMZ and AMNH
June 2012 - Caleb and Wilfredo in Honduras collecting; Cichlid grant website updated
May 2012 - Prosanta and Wilfredo in Honduras collecting; New fish exhibit installed at MNS
April 2012 - MNS student Valerie Derouen is awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!
March 2012 - A new book published by Wiley: "A Guide to Academia: Getting into and surviving gradschool, postdocs, and a research job"
February 2012 - Hosted Mike Alfaro (UCLA), Matthew Niemiller (Yale), and Ellen Pikitch (SUNY Stony Brook) for visitis to LSU.
January 2012 - Wilfredo and undergraduate, Justin Kutz, go collecting in Honduras. Bonne peche gentlemen.
December 2011 - We join FishNet2!
November 2011 - Matthew Davis traded to the Field Museum for a player to be named later
October 2011 - Teaching Evolution 3040 all semester
September 2011 - Valerie Derouen joins the lab as a Master's of Natural Science student
August 2011 - Caleb, Wilfredo and Parker collecting in Nicaragua, Honduras; Prosanta @ IUCN Gulf workshop
July 2011 - Lab gives multiple presentations at ASIH & Evolution; Costa Rican students visit and work in the lab
June 2011 - Caleb and Wilfredo collecting in El Salvador; Oarfish added to LSUMZ Ichthyology collection
May 2011 - Louisiana Pancake Batfish, Halieutichthys intermedius, named one of the top ten new species for 2011 Click Here!
April 2011 - $117K Board of Regents Education Grant funded to build a fish exhibit @ the Museum of Natural Science
March 2011 - Panama collecting trip (Matt, Caleb and Wilfredo)
February 2011 - Costa Rica collecting trip Caleb, Wilfredo and Prosanta; NSF Panel Service
December 2010 - Paris, London trip with Caleb to visit type collections
October 2010 - Wilfredo collecting in Honduras, USM guest lecture
September 2010 - Batfish, Systematic Ichthyology and Genetypes papers published
August 2010 - Graduate student Caleb McMahan and Postdoctoral fellow Wilfredo Matamoros join the lab
July 2010 - ASIH conference, grants, grants, grants....(submissions anyway)
June 2010 - Co-created SpeciesMap to help determine the impact of the oil spill on fishes of the region
May 2010 - Interviewed on NPR, CNN, Science, others
April 2010 - Oil spill blues; Zootaxa, Marine Biodiversity papers published
March 2010 - Gave invited talks at Case Western U. and an NSF Workshop
February 2010 - Back from 'Nam; Matt on SEAMAP Gulf of Mexico collecting trip
January 2010 - New Post-doc Matt Davis joins the lab; Vietnam field trip

December 2009 - Book Editor for Copeia and Assistant Editor for Journal of Fish Biology
October 2009 - LSU Fish Collection now on-line Click Here!
September 2009- Teaching Ichthyology (Biol/RNR 4145) and Systematics Discussion Group
August 2009- $520K NSF Grant funded; 1 yr. anniversary of being at LSU
July 2009- Elected to Board of Governors of American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists
June 2009- Western Australia collecting trip;8th Indo-Pacific Fish Conference
Associate Professor/Curator of Ichthyology
                         Louisiana State University
Museum of Natural Science, Dept. of Biological Sciences
Research in my lab focuses on recovering the relationships of fishes in order to better understand evolutionary processes. My research interests are currently targeting two main fields: the evolution of bioluminescent systems and historical biogeography of freshwater fishes. Bioluminescent systems have evolved multiple times in fishes, predominantly among deep-sea clades. I am particularly interested in using phylogenetic tools to better understand how sexual selection on bioluminescent structures may have played a role in speciation. My biogeographic studies have looked at how fishes with low dispersal ability (such as blind cave fishes) came to be distributed across biogeographic barriers and how the distribution of freshwater fishes explain earth history. Students interested in working in my lab will learn molecular and morphological phylogenetic techniques, how to conduct geometric morphometric analyses, and various other tools to better understand fish biology.